Follow the Writing Leaders

I still can’t believe that I have actually been finding and making time to blog, catch up on reading, and writing after a full day of work, playing mommy, and being the ever supportive wife.  I have discovered that I can truly wear many hats in life, and not just the ever-changing ones at work.  I’m learning my way around the world of blogging while making new discoveries everyday.  One discovery that I’d like to share is that I literally had no idea just how many aspiring writers  are out there on the relentless grind trying to make their dreams come true.  Not to mention the countless people in the writing community that are actually there supporting and acknowledging the efforts of their fellow writers.  Debut authors and a vast array of new books seem to be spurning out relentlessly as I can’t seem to keep track of all the ones that are being recommended to me.  There is obviously no shortage of good literary works or creativity on the writing scene.  So I just can’t help but to be more inspired than ever to stay focused and on track in pursuit of finishing my own novel, while still taking time out to enjoy all the new works that continue to make their way out into book venues everywhere.


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