Goodread’s…..A Book Lover’s Dream

Just recently discovered Goodreads, a social book club of sorts, where people can critique  and review  books that they have read, or are in the midst of reading.  I’m probably late on yet another social networking bandwagon, but still I had to offer my two cents on this readers treasure.   Maybe there’s that book that’s been on your agenda to read that you haven’t quite gotten around to reading and wanted to know if it’s really worth your time picking up at all. For those who have yet to discover this site let me tell you that I initially had thought it would be just another chain  site that was tagged by others on Facebook and Twitter  that I would find useless and eventually find myself signed up for but never using.  I was wrong.  For an avid book reader/lover like myself it is a literary dream.  Not only can I critique books that I have read, create my own  reading list, follow blogs of other readers, and add tons of books to be read in the forseeable future, Goodreads offers so much more to the insatiable reader. I can set reading goals, see how others have rated and reviewed books, partake in fun readers polls, rate books I’ve read, and take part in book clubs with others who share similar reading interests.  I’ve only been a part of the Goodreads family for a short while, but I have a feeling that I’ll be sticking around this site for a while . Goodreads is definitely something for any book lover, young or old, to take a look into and I can almost guarantee that you will find this social site definitely worth your time.


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