Winding Down 2011…..Whirlwind!

I can’t believe that in only a few more weeks it will bring about the end to 2011.  It has went by in a perpetual blur of family and work obligations, the incessant and ever annoying tales of celebrity rises and falls playing out in the media and tabloids, so much so that most of my free time was TV less.   So instead I turned to my love of books to fill some of my down time after work and to wind down from the days events with the kids and the husband throughout the ever tiring work weeks.  I even took on learning my way around the social media outlets where I discovered that there are so many channels for aspiring writers to learn and grow from one another, or just engage in a shared camaraderie of our love of books.  But one of the best I discovered was World Press, Good Reads, and just finding my way around the world of blogging.  Social networking reignited my interest in reading and writing again.  And this especially worked out well for the month of November where I partook of my first ever NanoWriMo experience.  It was a writers true testament to your commitment to your craft.  So I’m glad that I stumbled upon it before the year came to a close and can’t wait to try my hand at it again in 2012.


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