Recycled Stories

Countless stories have been told, retold, and revamped throughout the years.  Plots filled with good versus evil, brooding angst ridden teens, and supernatural hotties seem to fill book shelves and e-readers these days. Yet only a few inspire today’s generation of readers to fall in love with a story’s quintessential good boy, while secretly rooting for tortured bad boy with a heart of gold.  While there’s nothing wrong with keeping classic overtures alive it doesn’t hurt to offer a new spin on the stories of yesterday.  Worked for the Twilight series right?  Sparkly vampires minus the fangs and chiseled shape-shifting wolves on the prowl (Stephenie Meyer you’re a genius by the way).  This story has been done before, but she clearly took it past its cloak of the undead versus natures beast and unravelled an impossible love story that has many of todays teens (and even some moms) longing to bit by a mysterious dream guy or pawed by a beastly hottie. Woven under a overdone premise, Twilight brought back to life an old tale with a newfound lust for first love that comes along with it.


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